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Claremont Middle School

  • October 1, 2010: Be a Claremont Middle School Partner. More>>
  • October 1, 2010: Claremont Middle School Auction: Monster Cash More>>

Chabot Elementary

October 1, 2010: Memories Continue to be Created at the Chabot Elementary Annual Fall Carnival. More>>

Oakland Tech Talk

Tech is a-bustling. Tech’s student population continues to grow, with a larger than projected enrollment. Additional teachers are being hired and classes have been added to accommodate students who selected Tech as their “school of choice.”
•Chemistry teacher Lawrence Evans has been selected as one of two OUSd teachers of the year. Mr. Evans works tirelessly with Tech students and colleagues to ensure that he is preparing students to succeed in his classes. He now moves on as a candidate for Alameda County Teacher of the Year.
• Tech’s 2010 Academic Performance Index (API) score is 686, a growth of 41 points over 2009! API is a point-in-time state metric and is one indicator of student achievement. Teachers and students are to be commended for exceeding Tech’s statewide goal of 8 points, and continuing to focus on standards and academic proficiency.
• Booster Club Paints the Bleachers:Fall sport season’s begun so the bleachers just got a new coat of paint, courtesy of the Booster Club. More than 25 enthusiastic, hard-working Bulldogs turned out Sept. 12th and 25th to scrape, sweep, sand, prime, and paint the beautiful purple and gold luxury bleachers. Stop by Tech to cheer on one of its teams or just admire the bleachers.
• OakTechRep a Hit at the Fringe: Tech’s students performed in Scotland this summer at the Fringe Festival, a by-invitation event showcasing outstanding high school drama arts departments. The students performed for sold-out audiences, attended workshops at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, were interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air, and blogged about their adventures. Check it out at or (Performing Arts tab).
• Auditorium Renovation Project:Oakland Tech has Music! drama! dance! and an auditorium that doesn’t come close to being worthy of the performances it houses. Built in the early 1960s, the 927-seat space remains virtually unchanged. While the space itself is excellent, it has inadequate sound systems, mismatched and partially damaged seating, and terrible acoustics.The Oakland Tech Performing Arts Com-mittee has embarked on a capital campaign to raise $1.2 million in three phases. Please contact Pat Williams at, or phone 510/444-1640, to learn about our plans and find out how you can help!
• Get involved! The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) welcomes community members to its meetings, the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Oakland Tech Library. Want to join the PTSA and/or donate to Tech? There are many ways to give during the Tech Fund drive. For more information:


Considering your options for Kindergarten Fall 2011? Peralta Elementary is a small, diverse Oakland public school in the Rockridge area with dedicated teachers, an active parent community, strong academic instruction, and vibrant programs in art, music & gardening. Come find out more about our unique school.


Claremont, Chabot, Far West, and other local schools all participate in the Escrip program.  Escrip is an organization that registers your Safeway Club Card (and also additional credit cards if you so choose) and then gives a percent of your purchases to the schools of your choosing.  You can choose to contribute to a single school or have your contributions split among two or three schools.Go to  to sign-up and pick the schools you would like to support.


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