RCPC Boundaries

RCPC Boundaries: Map and Bylaw Text

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That area of the City of Oakland lying within the following boundaries:
Begin on the Oakland/Berkeley border at 6323 College Avenue;  then, in an Easterly direction along the boundary of the City of Oakland, to a point where said boundary first intersects the right of way of Tunnel Road (State Route 13); then in a direct line to the easterly end of Chabot Road; then due south to Broadway;  then along Broadway to the intersection of Broadway and Golden Gate Way. Proceed along Golden Gate Way to Eustice; then along Eustice to Brookside Drive; southerly on Brookside to Ocean View Drive; then along Ocean View Drive to the intersection of Ocean View and Margarido Drive. Proceed along Margarido to Acacia Avenue; then along Acacia past Lawton to the Margarido/Manila Avenue intersection; then along Manila to the intersection of the Claremont Country Club golf course. Proceed southerly along the golf course boundary to Monroe Avenue, then along Monroe to the intersection of Monroe and Carlton Street; then along Carlton to the intersection of Carlton and Broadway Terrace; then along Broadway Terrace to the intersection of Broadway Terrace and Broadway; then to the intersection of Broadway and 51st Street; then to the intersection of 51st Street and Clarke Street; then to the intersection of Clarke Street and Claremont Avenue; then to the intersection of Claremont Avenue and the Caltrans Hwy. 24 west-bound right-of-way; then to the intersection with Telegraph Ave.; then along Telegraph Ave. to MacAuley St.; then along MacAuley St. to Colby Street; then to the intersection of Colby Street and Woolsey Street; then to the intersection of Woolsey and Benvenue, along Benvenue to Alcatraz, along Alcatraz to College Avenue,then along College Avenue returning to the Berkeley/Oakland border at 6323 College Avenue. The above boundaries include both sides of all streets and paths with the exception of 51st Street. Annexed Streets (September 6, 2001): The Boundaries extend to Dana Street between Alcatraz and Woolsey and 65th and 66th Streets, between Dana and Telegraph Avenue.: Annexed Streets (2011): The Boundaries extend to Telegraph Ave. between the westbound Hwy. 24 right-of-way and MacAuley St. Both sides of MacAuley and to the back property line of Telegraph Ave. parcels.