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If you live in Rockridge, the Rockridge Community Planning Council is your voice, telling City Hall about our community’s concerns and trying to keep Rockridge the valued community that it is.  However, we need your help.  You’ll find many ways of helping out on this website, but one important way is by making a financial contribution.

RCPC needs money to keep going.  The Rockridge News is, at the moment, self-supporting -- thanks to ad revenue from local businesses, but many of our other activities are not moneymakers. 

  • bullet Each time RCPC appeals a land use decision to the city council, it costs us about $1,000.
  • bulletA single piece of litigation over a major land use issue (e.g., the College Avenue Safeway Project) could easily eat up the entire RCPC treasury, and then some.
  • bulletIn the past, RCPC has also committed its financial resources to many projects to benefit the community, including FROG Park, the Rockridge Branch Library, the Rockridge DVD Project, and ongoing work analyzing the impacts of the College Ave. Safeway Project.  At the moment, still-ongoing projects include:
    • •  assisting BART in making improvements to the plaza at the Rockridge BART station.
    • •  working with other North Oakland community groups for an improved design for the Rockridge Shopping Center.
    • •  preparing for potential litigation over the College Avenue Safeway Project, should that prove necessary.

Luckily, RCPC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, which means contributions are fully tax-deductible.  You can quickly and easily make a donation on our website using Paypal.  You will receive a fully documented return receipt via e-mail.  Alternatively, you can send your check, made out to RCPC, to our mail address:

Rockridge Community Planning Council
4123 Broadway., PMB #311
Oakland, CA 94611

If you’re contributing for a specific project, please indicate that on your check (e.g.,:  RCPC/BART Plaza).

On behalf of the RCPC Board of Directors, thank you for everything you do.

Andrew Charman
RCPC Chair